Senior Living Solutions

Be there when you can't ! .....

We understand, as a caregiver, of a parent or an aging loved one, that you may not always be able to be right by their side. SOS Systems is helping senior adults all over the Southeast maintain their independence, and feel safe and secure, while carrying on their normal lives. We do this by customizing affordable and reliable remote video and healthcare solutions that are easy to use for both the active senior adult and the caregiver.How does it work?

1. The SOS Senior Systems are customized to our clients individual need. During the initial "Needs & Wants" interview, we ask simple questions like:
  • Would you like an automatic "fall alert" system that instantly alerts a loved one or monitoring station?
  • Would you like the ability to see, and speak freely to a loved one across town, or across the country?
  • Would it help to confirm the loved one has taken their correct medications on time, and as prescribed?
  • Would you like a loved one to know when there is a heating or air conditioning problem in the house?
  • Would you like to be able to instantly notify someone if you are having an episode?
  • Would you like the ability to verify who is knocking on the front door?

2. After the "Needs & Wants" interview is conducted, a tailored solution is presented to the client and caregiver. The solution will also offer alternatives and options that may have not been thought of during the initial interview.

3. After satisfying the clients' needs, SOS installs the customized system, tests all aspects and then trains the client and loved ones on the best way to utilize their new equipment.