5 Excellent Cyber Security Tips!
  1. Train employees in security principles.
    Establish basic security practices to protect sensitive business info and communicate them to all your employees periodically. Describe how to handle and protect customer information and other vital data. Emphasize the penalties for violating business security policies.

  2. Protect computers on the networks from viruses, spyware, etc.
    Install, use, and regularly update antivirus and antispyware software on every computer used in your business. Make sure to set your antivirus software to automatically check for updates at a scheduled time. Automatic updates are our chosen method.

  3. Make sure to have access to your computers and all network components.
    Do not allow access or use of business computers to anyone who is not authorized to do so. Laptops and tablets are super easy targets for anyone seeking to infiltrate your secure files. No you are not being paranoid. You are just being cautious.

  4. Secure all Wi-Fi (wireless) networks.
    If you have a Wi-Fi network on your wireless router (access point) so that it does not broadcast the name of your network. Always turn on the encryption (usually automatic) so that passwords are required for access. Always change the default administrator password that came with the device.

  5. Employees have personsal user accounts.
    All that is required are separate accounts for all employees that will be accessing the system. Each account should have a strong password.
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